2019 ICF Job Description and Application

About Intervale Community Farm

The Intervale Community Farm (ICF) is a 55-acre community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm situated in the Winooski River flood plain in Burlington, Vermont.  Started in 1990, ICF grows about 25 acres of certified-organic vegetables, berries, flowers, and herbs, with the balance in green manures, facilities, and hedgerows. With about 600 summer member households and 220 winter member households, we are one of the largest and oldest CSAs in the region.

Unlike most CSAs, the membership of ICF owns the business through a consumer co-op, Intervale Community Farm Cooperative. ICF is governed by a nine-member board of directors elected by the co-op membership at its annual meeting.  In conjunction with the Farm Manager, the board sets the overall direction of the organization.  All farm and business operations are the purview of the Farm Manager and the farm staff.  Farm Manager Andy Jones has been with ICF since 1993, with several other key staff serving for upwards of a decade.

The land itself is leased from the non-profit Intervale Center, which stewards the agricultural resources of the Intervale and works to promote and support farming around Vermont.  Learn more about Intervale Center and our neighbor farms at intervale.org.

In most other ways, ICF is a typical mid-sized, diversified Vermont veggie farm.  Certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, we employ the usual mix of crop rotation, green manures, and compost to manage the soil.  We are blessed with excellent sand- and silt-loam soils, though limited somewhat by annual flooding risk.  We aim to do as much work as feasible with mechanized equipment:  tillage and planting are tractor-based, weed control is a mix of tractor cultivation and hand work, and most harvest is done by hand.  In the summer, our primary harvest days are Mondays and Thursdays, immediately prior to the CSA distributions.

 All CSA distribution takes place on the farm: Monday and Thursday afternoons for the Summer share, and Thursdays only during the Winter Share.  Distributions can be busy, with several hundred people passing through in a 3.5-hour period.  In order to engage members in the work of the farm, many of our crops are only available as pick-your-own.  Members pick most of the labor-intensive crops like peas, beans, berries, flowers, and herbs, while the farm staff harvests and packs everything else.   You can find out more about ICF CSA shares and such at our website, intervalecommunityfarm.com    

As a consumer cooperative, the goals of the ICF are somewhat different from that of many similar vegetable farms.  The purpose of the farm is to serve the co-op membership, not to pay the farmers.  That said, the membership has a strong desire and long-standing commitment to making employment at ICF an equitable and enjoyable endeavor.  ICF strives to provide fair compensation, a rewarding working environment, and reasonable work expectations.  In recent years, the ICF has focused resources on increasing wages and benefits for all staff, and on reducing work hours.  While growing food is our focus, training aspiring farmers is one of the goals of the ICF, and education about farming is part of achieving this.  


ICF employees function as a team to do the daily work of the farm: planting, cultivating, weeding, harvesting, packing and distributing the crops.  We place a lot of emphasis on developing efficient systems to maximize our productivity.

The ideal candidate is considering agriculture as a vocation and has previous farming experience.  S/he will be accustomed to working long, physically demanding days in uncomfortable weather, and be both thorough and quick at completing tasks.  An ability to work closely and communicate well with others is also very important, as is the ability to work alone and self-motivate.  A reasonable facility with simple math is useful.  A desire to learn is a must.

Work averages 40 hours/week, with an hourly wage of $13.00 and up, depending on experience.  Housing is not provided, but vegetables and other farm produce are abundantly available.  We have openings beginning in April and May, continuing through October and November, depending on the position.  


To apply, email andy@intervalecommunityfarm.com detailing your interest and availability.  Please include a resume and three employment references as well. You may also leave a voicemail message at (802) 658-2919 x4 if you prefer. Positions are filled as soon as we find suitable candidates, so don’t delay!