10.10.10 Global Work Party at ICF

10/10/10 will be a day of work parties all over the world, implementing solutions to the climate crisis: from solar panels to community gardens, wind turbines to bike workshops while asking our elected leaders, “We're getting to work--what about you?” With over 6,200 events in 187 countries, we’re proud to be joining the planet by celebrating local food and farms as solutions to the climate crisis.  The Intervale Community Farm will be hosting a Harvest Pickin’ Party to help the farm harvest carrots and beets on Sunday, October 10 from 1-3 pm. We'll have live music to accompany our work in the field and free t-shirts for all who come!  Sign up at City Market’s Customer Service Desk or email mklepack@citymarket.coop. For more information, check out 350.org.