Who We Are

ICF Farm Team 2019

Back row, left to right: Kathie Sullivan, Colin Swanson, Chris Spencer, Samantha DuPont, Silas Branson, Jill Rotondo, Bella Palmieri, Maya Bower

Front row, left to right: Sarah Gafner-Bergeron, Loren Frank, Aly Martelle, Sarah Howe, Andy Jones

Not pictured: Allegra Wu


Intervale Community Farm has four full-time, year-round employees and a part-time year-round bookkeeper/administrator. The remaining staff members are seasonal employees, with some experienced returnees serving in key roles. We have nine full-time staff in the summer, plus a few experienced part-timers. Training aspiring farmers is one of the goals of ICF, and education about farming is part of achieving this.


Andy Jones

Andy Jones has managed the Intervale Community Farm since 1993.  Underprepared with a B.A. in Geology from Oberlin College, Andy has been active in developing the local food system through working with CSAs, other Intervale farms, and the Vermont farming community. Past president and board member of both the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) and the Vermont Vegetable and Berry Growers’ Association, Andy has an interest in both the social and horticultural sides of agriculture. While he loves planting and weeding, his true love at ICF are the CSA members and staff that keep the farm a vibrant part of the local community. When away from ICF, Andy loves to hike, cook, and enjoy the company of his wife Helen Rock and sons Davis and Ian.



Kathie Sullivan joined ICF in 2010 as the new bookkeeper/membership manager after being a part of the farm as a member since 2000. Her background as a teacher, law librarian, and information manager fits nicely with the work of managing the farm’s 600-plus members and helping members navigate through the workings of the farm. “Information is information, whether it’s legal, personal, or farm member records,” Kathie says. Kathie is a native Vermonter and enjoys gardening and growing vegetables at her home in Essex Junction, where she lives with her wife, Alison, and two cats Dooley and Grasshopper. Kathie also manages ICF's social media presence and edits the farm's Bottom Land News



Aly Martelle started working at the Intervale Community Farm in 2007. She began as extra help for weeding and harvesting and worked longer and longer each season until the Winter Share program at ICF expanded and full time year round work opened up. Aly jumps into many projects on the farm but focuses on the CSA, wholesale, washing, packing, gleaning, field work, harvest, winter growing and working with the crew. Aly graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Sociology and Gender Studies in 2005 and first got involved in agriculture as a CSA member in cooperative housing, which led to her work at Ol’ Turtle Farm in Easthampton, MA.



Jill Rotondo joined the Intervale Community Farm in 2010 as seasonal staff. She manages the propagation greenhouse, seeding and growing the tens of thousands of starts that are later transplanted into the fields and tunnels. Towards the middle of May, she shifts her focus to tending the grafted tomatoes and their incredible bounty. On distribution days, she works with a team to wash and pack the day’s harvest. Jill can also be found in the pole barn helping with summer CSA pick-up. She enjoys taking photographs of the farm and walking on stilts when the opportunity presents itself. She is grateful to be a part of the dedicated team who make each season a great success.



Silas Branson has worked at Intervale Community Farm since 2010. He is responsible for maintenance on and improvements to the farm's stable of tractors, implements, and buildings. During the outdoor growing season, Silas manages harvest on pickup days, putters around on tractors, and keeps an eye out for interesting birds in the fields. He gets to spend time at CSA pickups throughout the year, and enjoys learning about cooking, history, nature, and a myriad of other topics from the incredible community of ICF's staff and members. 


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Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Christopher McCandless, Kara Buchanan, Mark Twery, Maja Smith, Madelyn Cataford

Front row, left to right: Diane Abruzzini, Bonnie Acker, Andrea Solazzo. Missing: Lis Mickenberg

Different from most CSAs, Intervale Community Farm is a consumer cooperative governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at its annual meeting. In conjunction with the Farm Manager, the Board sets the overall goals of the organization and the Farm Manager is then charged with achieving those ends using appropriate means. Overall, the system functions well, with the membership involved at the governance level and the staff charged with all operations. The Board of Directors exists to represent the interests of the ICF membership. This member-elected group wants to hear what you think! Contact them with any thoughts.

Diane Abruzzini

Bonnie Acker

Kara Buchanan

Madelyn Cataford

Christopher McCandless

Elisabeth Mickenberg

Andrea Solazzo

Maja Smith

Mark Twery