Summer Pick Up Information

Summer share pick-ups will start June 3 and June 6, 2019

Summer pick-up is at the farm:
281 Intervale Rd (map)

Pick-ups are on Mondays and Thursdays
from 3-6:30 pm.

Know what to expect:

Check Pick-up This Week to see which vegetables are available.

What to bring:

  • Bags: It’s a good idea to bring smaller bags for loose items like lettuce mix or potatoes, and a larger shopping bag or basket to easily collect your share. We also accept used, clean plastic bags from members and make them available.

  • Weather-appropriate gear: The main pick-up area is under cover, but it’s always a good idea to check the weather and come prepared with boots and rain gear for picking in the field.

How does pick-your-own work?

  • A number of crops are available only as pick-your-own (PYO), such as berries, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, cut flowers, etc.

  • PYO may be done at any time that works for you; ask us at pick-up about how to turn the electric fence on and off.

  • We provide shears for cutting herbs and flowers, and pint or quart containers for picking berries, peas, and so

  • A container to put water in can be handy for keeping cut flowers fresh.

What if I can’t make it to a pick-up?

  • Come on a different day: It’s fine to come on Thursday instead of Monday, and vice versa. You can even come twice in a week to make up for another week you missed.

  • Take a double share: Take twice as much at another time. Just let us know when you check in.

  • Send a friend: Just tell them the name to check in with.

  • Get a bagged share: If you’d like to request a bagged share, please call 658-2919 x2 before 6pm on your pickup day and your share will be left in the cheese cooler.

  • Make arrangements for your bread, cheese, and/or eggs: Contact Kathie.


  • Our little parking lot can get pretty crowded in the summer. Help us reduce congestion and save energy by reducing the number of cars coming to the farm!

  • If you carpool, walk, bike, etc. to pick-up, tell us when you check in to get a Greenstamp.

  • Cash Greenstamps in at any time to get a dollar off bread, eggs, or cheese, or to pick twice as much of a pick-your-own crop.

For full details on coming to the farm, have a look at our Summer 2019 Member Guide.