Intervale Community Farm is different than your typical CSA farm in that our farmers are hired employees and have no ownership interest in the business, which is instead owned by interested CSA members through a consumer cooperative.

The Intervale Community Farm began in 1990 in order to provide the greater Burlington community with an affordable source of high-quality, organic produce. Organized as a member-owned, community-supported agriculture (CSA) farm, ICF has grown to serve over 600 member households annually, growing and distributing produce for all twelve months of the year through a summer and a winter share.

All of our CSA shares are distributed on the farm, in the Intervale. We emphasize making the farm an approachable, enjoyable, and engaging destination that is suitable for all ages.

We operate with wider community needs at the forefront. The Intervale Community Farm Board of Directors has identified the following as our organizing objectives, and we strive to let them guide our work on a daily basis:

  1. Grow a wide variety of local, organic produce and provide related food products for members of ICF.
  2. Cultivate a thriving farm ecosystem.
  3. Foster a vibrant and interactive community of farmers and eaters.
  4. Provide sustainable and fulfilling jobs for staff.
  5. Benefit the wider community through partnerships, donations, and service.
  6. Make ICF accessible to an economically-diverse membership.