Intervale Community Farm Cooperative

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Intervale Community Farm is owned by many of its members through a consumer cooperative called the Intervale Community Farm Cooperative, Inc. Cooperative ownership makes us unusual among farms and CSAs, most of which are owned by the farmers that operate them.

The co-op model supports ICF’s goal of an involved CSA membership as well as helping to underpin our economic security. As a co-op, ICF is genuinely member-focused, putting the interests and needs of the farm memberships at the top of the priority list. This focus guides our crop and product selection, determines farm logistics, frames how we make the farm inviting and appealing, and determines the farm budget and staffing.

Co-op membership is separate from CSA shares of produce.

While co-op membership is not required in order to purchase a CSA share with ICF, we strongly encourage CSA members to join Intervale Community Farm Cooperative. Co-op membership strengthens ICF’s ability to thrive through increased member involvement and greater financial stability.

Co-op members enjoy:

• First priority access to available CSA shares.

• Optional automatic annual renewal of CSA shares.

• Ability to serve on and vote for the governing board of directors of ICF.

• Eligibility to share in any co-op profits through a patronage rebate system.

To take advantage of these benefits and help strengthen the farm, co-op members purchase a one-time Co-op membership share for $200. This can be paid over a period of time in annual installments of at least $25, though we appreciate faster payments from those who are able. In the event that you leave ICF, your co-op member share is fully refundable, subject to the financial condition of the co-op.

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