Winter Pick Up Info

Winter pick-up is at the farm,
across the street from summer pickup
282 Intervale Rd (map).

Pick-ups are on Thursdays from 3-6pm.


Know what to expect:

What to bring:

  • Bags or other containers: It’s a good idea to bring smaller bags for loose items like lettuce mix or potatoes, and a larger shopping bag or basket to easily collect your share. We also collect used, clean, full sized plastic bags (no newspaper or produce bags) from members and make them available at pick-up.

What if I can’t make it to a pick-up?

  • Come on a different week: It’s fine to come on a Group 2 week instead of a Group 1 week, and vice versa. You can even come two weeks in a row to make up for another pick-up you missed. We don’t need to know in advance unless you have a bread, cheese, or egg share.

  • Take a double share: Take twice as much at another time. Just let us know when you check in.

  • Send a friend: Tell them what name your share is under and we’ll get them oriented!

  • Make arrangements for your bread, cheese, and/or eggs: Contact Kathie.


  • If you carpool, walk, or bike to pick-up, tell us when you check in to get a Greenstamp.

  • Cash Greenstamps in at any time to get a dollar off bread, eggs, or cheese.


For full details on coming to the farm in winter, take a look at our Winter 2018-2019 Member Guide.