Intervale Compost No Longer Accepting Materials After February 28

In anticipation of their summer of 2011 move, Intervale Compost Products will stop accepting food waste and yard debris drop offs at the end of February, 2011.  For updates on the move, visit CSWD's blog. For ICF, this move means a big adjustment.  For years we have relied on ICP as a source of compost, as a convenient place to drop off our food waste and plant debris, and as a wonderful neighbor with equipment and tools that we borrow regularly.  ICP and ICF have long had a strong and supportive relationship and we are sad to see our friends leave.

At ICF, we are developing a plan for how to handle our own food waste as well as how to provide a convenient drop off for farm members' food waste.  Our projection is that by summer pick-ups in 2011, we'll have an active composting operation that will be able to accept food scraps from farm members.  We'll keep everyone posted on our progress; in the meantime, consider the alternative CSWD compost drop off sites or better yet, build your own backyard compost pile.