Corn OFF the cob - demos at pickup 8/15 and 8/18

We all love to chomp on a fresh, sweet ear of corn, freshly shucked, steamed with a drizzle of butter and salt.  Or if you are more of a farmer type, it never makes it into the pot; it just passes from corn stalk, to hands, to mouth with only a mere anticipatory rumble of the belly in between.  But although it seems almost like an anti-seasonal act, cutting the corn off of the cob lends itself to exciting salads, sides and sweet twists to favorite meals. This is especially useful when there is a slimmer picking of corn at pickup.   This season in particular, corn yields have been inconsistent due to lots of bird damage in the corn plantings.  We have fortified the field as best we can against birds, but they merely mock us by feeding in close proximity to the devices which are supposed to scared them off.  As a result, some weeks farm members have received only 1 or 2 ears of corn per share.  So here's what to do with a meagre amount of fresh corn:

  • Add it to black beans, salsa, cucumber salad, or a green salad;
  • Toss it into your favorite eggy breakfast creation;
  • Add 1/2 cup to corn bread for a delicious addition;
  • Try this recipe!  Corn Salsa Ceviche Thanks to our working member Andrea Todd for creating and demoing it at pickup.  It is fantastic and will be demoed again Thursday, August 18.