ICF Annual Meeting: Delicious Food, Exciting Conversation, and Moving ICF Forward

The 2011 Annual Meeting, on Saturday, November 5, was a momentous night.  With an epically difficult farm season officially over, the ICF Board of Directors, farmers, and members gathered to share a plentiful pot-luck meal, a thoughtful retrospective slide show on the 2011 season, and a stimulating presentation of the  ICF Fourth Season Project - which is an overview (click on it to see! It really is exciting!) of our exciting move onto the former Intervale Compost fields and our lease on an upgraded storage facility in their former building. We look forward to sharing the progress on this project as it unfolds.  Thus far, we've picked a lot of rocks from the field - and as our hands got tired of the picking, we figured out a way to use our potato digger (which unfortunately didn't get it's usual autumn workout due to flooding) to dig the rocks that came in over the many years of Compost's tenure.

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting - and we look forward to sharing the changes ahead!