More News from the Bottomland

As the weeks tick by through the winter, we've got more and more exciting tidbits to share with our farm members and broader community of friends.  Check out our freshly released January 2012 Newsletter.  In it you'll find a reminder to renew for 2012 (time is running out!), news about the member loan campaign that we are launching, updates on the Fourth Season Project, a few words on post-Irene local food sourcing, and a cry out for snow so we can host Wintervale events!  Right now, the Intervale is one sheet of ice, and the only upside to that is we are not tempted to go skiing and leave behind important farm planning.  But really, we'd love some snow! Don't hesitate to let us know what you think.  You can comment here, find us on Facebook, email Andy or Becky [at], or call us at 658-2919.