Winter Pick-ups Begin 11/15

Winter pick-ups for Group 1 will begin on Thursday, 11/15, 3:00-6:00.

Our winter share distribution will take place across the street from our summer share pickups. If you ever purchased compost from Intervale Compost, we are in what was their office and production center.To find our winter share space, pass the ICF driveway on your left, and turn right about 50 feet beyond. Follow the left hand branch of the driveway out to the building with the red roof and lights. Look for traffic cones and signs for parking.  Enter the building at the farthest end away from Intervale Road.

We look forward to seeing you and showing you our new space, made possible in significant part by our ICF Co-op Member loan participants.
A few things are still unfinished, so please bear with us while construction finishes up.
There is still time to order supplements, and if you are unsure of your group, you may contact Kathie.