New Hoop House is Covered

truck with ladder Greenhouse #1 12-4-2013 2-54-22 PM

Greenhouse #1 12-4-2013 2-54-10 PM

Greenhouse #1 12-4-2013 2-53-28 PMThe first of our four new hoop houses was covered today! The winds were calm (nonexistent) and there was no precipitation. Led by Andy, staff members Silas, Erik, Abbie and Sarah were assisted by volunteers Bonnie Acker (Board member), Dylan Zeitlyn (Diggers Mirth), Ron Hernandez (Stray Cat Flower), Rob Hunt (Intervale Center) and Tim Schonholtz (Sugar Snap) and got two layers of plastic in place without incident. Sheeting was pulled into place using ropes weighted with large potatoes. Adjustments were made and the process was repeated. Tugging and pulling from each end cleared the wrinkles and bubbles. Retaining wires were tucked into the grooves of the frame (technical name "wiggle wires"). Soon fans and blowers will be installed to keep the house inflated.

The remaining three houses will be covered as weather permits. Perfectly calm days with no wind are necessary or there might be a UFO sighted over the farm!

With this step in the progress of our Fourth Season Project, we are closer to being able to provide a 12-month CSA!