Local Fertility

We are moving along into spring rapidly here at ICF.  Though we are still looking forward to -- am I crazy? -- mud season, right now we are busily planting seeds in the greenhouse, Last week winter share, this week fertilizer storage.

fixing broken things, and bringing in supplies.  New and exciting for us this year is a roomful of sunflower and canola seed meals from Full Sun Company in Middlebury.

We're always looking for more sustainable sources of soil fertility.  We aim to grow as much of our own fertility through legume green manures such as hairy vetch and red clover.  When we need to add additional fertilizer, we often are not

Canola meal pellets

pleased with our options.  This year we'll be using local seed meals from Addison county courtesy of Full Sun Company.  Their business is local unrefined sunflower and canola oil, but the leftovers after pressing make a good organic fertilizer or livestock feed.  While it is bulky stuff, we look forward to feeding our crops on a diet of pellets that

Sunflower meal pellets

smell good enough to eat!  Full Sun Company oils don't yet have distribution in Burlington, but they are working on it and it can now be found a few places in Addison county.