Summer 2015 Sign-up, Soft Rollout

It's getting late in January and some of you are used to paying for your summer shares in full by now. Where's the form and pricing information? We've been doing some back end work on our web site and didn't want server addresses, domain issues, pointers and such (insert any technical geek term you know here) interfering with our electronic sign-up and your comfort level.  We're making excellent progress in this work however!

We're anxious to get our member list populated for the summer also. You can email Kathie  indicating your share size and pick-up day and you'll be invoiced. Or you can print the form and mail in with deposits or full payment. Naturally we'll have a discount period for full payment (until 2/28) and then we'll open up to new members.

There will be paper forms at the winter pick-up desk as well. If you are a co-op member who has opted for automatic renewals, consider yourselves confirmed!