So Much Going On in May

May is a very busy time of the farming cycle at ICF. If you monitor our Facebook page, you’ll have seen onions being planted in the light snow cover, lettuce being planted in the light mud, and most recently the tomatoes have gone in the ground in the hoop houses. Other cold hardy crops have been planted (peas, collards, kale) as well. In addition, equipment is being repaired and tuned up, the last summer shares are being sold, bread orders are being taken, and lists are being made. To top off everything, our annual plant sale starts on May 7 and continues on May 14 and 21 (Saturdays.) We’ll have plants available for sale at the winter pick-ups May 12 and May 19. Just as many things are starting, our extended winter/spring shares are ending. It’s been a joy to see members throughout the entire year rather than just during summer months. The smiles on faces when the winter greens offerings were spotted were great! The very last pick-ups for the season are May 5 (group 2), May 12 (group 1), and May 19 (group 2.) If you’ve missed any pick-ups please plan to catch up on these dates! Then we’ll be tooling up for the summer pick-ups, hopefully starting in early June.

If you haven’t signed up for your share yet, it’s not too late. Go here. And if you forgot to order bread, eggs, or cheese shares, go here.

Watch this blog, our Facebook page, and your email for the announcement of exact summer share starting dates.