Summer is Becoming Fall

Yesterday I happened to be in a hardware store and I overheard a customer asking for a snow shovel. Even I, an ant by nature...preparing ahead all the time...found it hard to believe that someone was thinking of a snow shovel on October 11. Nonetheless, I refuse to think of snow just yet. The leaves still are falling from trees, there is still plenty of leaf-peeping, and there are layers of sweaters to wear before the heavy coats come out. The farm crew has been busy harvesting cabbage, napa, kohrabi, sweet potatoes, and squash for winter storage. And how about those pumpkins?


But sadly, the 21 week summer share is coming to a close. I know, summer (for us) really extends into early fall and our winter share extends to spring, but for ease of reference we have two share periods: Summer and Winter. The final summer share pick-ups are October 24 and October 27 (after this week, two more pick-ups remain.) If you have missed weeks and need to catch up, now is the time to do so!

I'm pleased to share that we are 80% full for our winter shares!  The winter shares are slightly different from summer in that pick-ups are every other week. You receive the same great selection of vegetables and fresh greens at each pick-up.  We still offer add-ons of bread, eggs, and cheese for the winter. You can still sign up for a winter share, but don't delay too long. Winter share pick-ups begin on November 3 (Group 1) and November 10 (Group 2.)  Find our electronic sign-up forms here or grab a paper copy at the pick-up desk.

At the end of each season we ask for your feedback on your experiences. Our summer survey is available online or in paper at the pick-up desk. We use the responses to plan our crops and projects for the future, so please take a few minutes to share your thoughts.

Finally, the Annual Meeting of the ICF Co-op will be held on November 5. While all are welcome to attend (our pot luck dinner is highly anticipated), only co-op members in good standing are eligible to run for a board position or vote in board elections. If you are interested in running for the board, contact Farmer Andy Jones before October 22. If you are not a member of the Co-op, why not join today? And if you are already a member of the Co-op, please make sure your membership obligation is current.