Enjoying the Intervale Year Round

The Intervale is the worst kept secret in Burlington! While the Intervale lands host several urban farms, the area is a hub of activity year round. Our CSA is the largest operation and creates the most traffic, but the Intervale is also a recreation area. Hiking and biking trails are numerous, runners are seen at all hours of the day, and bikers cruise through on their daily commutes.

The Intervale Center also is host to the very popular Summervale events which brings together local food producers, music, demonstrations, and community. Wintervale, while a victim of global warming some years, is another way to enjoy the Intervale land year round. Ski trails are groomed and the public is encouraged to use the area for snowshoeing, skiing, walking.

The Intervale Center is fundraising for a replacement snowmobile for grooming trails. You can participate in the effort by going here.  In addition, there will be a trail work day on November 19, 9 a.m. to 12:00. If you are able to help out, sign up here. Meet at the Intervale Center and the group will head out.

ICF assists in hosting Wintervale activities. Also, when asked, many of our new CSA share members tell us they learned about ICF because they attend Summervale/Wintervale or they run or bike through the Intervale and see activity.

In the end, all the programs in the Intervale are related in one way or another. And they all work because our members can't keep secrets!