ICF Cooperative Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting is scheduled for November 4, 2017 at the Integrated Arts Academy from 5:00-7:30.

Our traditional pot luck supper will precede the business meeting for the 24th year!  This pot luck is always anticipated by the members and it gives members a chance to showcase and share a favorite recipe using ICF veggies.  ICF provides drinks and bread and plates, flatware (just as we do at our pizza nights) and this year we’ll provide a few catered dishes in case some of you don’t want the pressure of cooking.

Why should you come? If you are a co-op member, this is the annual meeting of your business.  Farmer Andy Jones will review the successes and failures of the past season (carrots, greens, or floods), present a slide show of the farm throughout the season,  tell you about future planned projects, answer questions, and introduce you to the farm staff. We’ll also have board member elections.

All CSA members are welcome to attend, but only co-op members in good standing may vote in board member elections or by-law amendments.  To be in good standing, you must have paid your $200 co-op fee in full or you must be current in your $25 annual payments based on your enrollment date. For example, if you joined in 2015 you are in good standing if our records indicate you have paid $75 prior to November 4.

Not a co-op member? It’s never too late to join. In fact, October is National Co-op Month…wouldn’t this be a great time to become a new member or catch up on your payments and be in good standing?