2017 Summer Shares: Sign-up Early

Despite the brown grass, cold ground, and some snow and ice, we are preparing for our 2017 summer shares! Running a large farm (58 acres) and managing over 600 CSA shares takes time and preplanning. We are always thinking months ahead to prepare plantings, harvests, and membership numbers.  Signing up early, now, ensures that you have a CSA share for the summer; we have about a 30% turnover/new members every year and our CSA program is very popular!

Sending in payment, in full or in part, allows us to manage cash flow efficiently as well. Seeds have been ordered and are arriving daily. We repair and replace equipment during the winter. We do have year round staff--a smaller crew than in summer, but farm activities do not cease.

As an incentive and a thank-you for paying in full by 2/17/17, we offer a small discount on the share price. See the sign-up form here.  You may also send in a deposit of $50 to reserve your share and pay the balance in three equal payments (due May 1, June 1, and July 1.) Alternatively, you may contact us to set up a monthly payment plan to fit your budget.  For budget plans, we encourage you to set up automatic payments using your bank's electronic "bill pay" system.

We hope to see you back for another bountiful summer of fresh, colorful, and organic produce. We love seeing both the old(er) faces as well as the new.  Feel free to refer your friends and family...word-of-mouth is our best form of advertising and is the highest compliment we can receive.

Welcome back!