Comment on Pedestrian & Cycling Access On Intervale Road


Monday, June 18, 4:00-6:00pm, please stop by the open house and discussion on improving pedestrian and cycling access and safety on Intervale Road at the Intervale Center's Community Barn, 180 Intervale Road (aka the Summervale barn).  The Chittenden County Regional Planning Committee, the City of Burlington, and Intervale Road stakeholders have met throughout the winter to assess several approaches to improving Intervale Road for walkers and bikers and want to know your thoughts on the importance and the design of this project. 

ICF has long advocated for a sidewalk, improved signage, shared use lane markings and so forth to make Intervale Road safer and more pleasant for all.  If you share this concern, this is a great opportunity to voice that opinion!  Public comments will be critical to keep building on the good work to date done by CCRPC, the City of Burlington, stakeholders, and the consulting engineers.  For more information, please visit the CCRPC page on the project, where you can find an outline of the process to date, as well as several reconfiguration options under consideration.