Don't Touch That Dial: How We Communicate with Our Members

At this time of year there is a lot going on at the farm.

New produce items are available almost every week as the high point of our season arrives. The colors are glorious and varied. In addition, we have building projects underway, new equipment arriving (often to replace old, battered, and unrepairable items), new methods of harvesting, the annual meeting of the co-op, and yes, early sign-up for winter shares. 

To add to the breaking news, our hardworking staff functions as our crack photographers and reporters. We have pictures from the field, pictures of produce, pictures of smiles. 

How can you stay on top of all this information? We have several channels you can "watch" and we do try to put the same information across our resources, but it's a good idea to check a couple of places to be really in the know.

Week 9 Share Value

  • The big news (dates, major announcements) goes out to every member using Mail Chimp for our mass mailings. There are nearly 2000 addresses in this file so some email systems treat such messages as SPAM. If you don't hear from us approximately once a month via email (usually our newsletter Bottom Land News, check your SPAM folders. It helps to add our email to your Contacts: add  and  to be sure. 
  • You can subscribe to the notices of our Blog postings. At the bottom of our home page, look for "Receive Blog Updates" and add  your email. When a new article is posted you'll be notified. Our Blog has more details and depth about farm initiatives and news we want every member to receive but is not Mail Chimp worthy. Think of the Blog as your virtual Bottom Land News. (In fact, we've started putting links to the blog posts as the content to our newsletter. Why? We wanted news to be distributed more often than monthly. And we're reducing use of paper more every day.)
  • "Friend" us on Facebook.   The information we put on our Facebook page tends to be shorter than our blog, meant to be reminders or to generate a little excitement. You'll find pictures from the field here, candid photos, pictures of cooking efforts, etc. 
  • We often have post card size notices (paper) at the pick-up desk. Such notices would be announcing pizza nights, changes in pick-up days, annual meeting.  Also check our chalkboards at pick-up for notices. Our week 9 share value was posted on the chalk board recently. Did you catch it? 
  • Follow us on Instagram. Pictures from the field are very likely to turn up here on a regular basis. Some of the pictures make it to the Blog and to Facebook but not all.

We're pushing out information to members almost every day. Be sure to tune in to one or more of our channels and stay informed about all things ICF!

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