Gearing Up for Winter: ICF is a Year-Round CSA

Farmers are both planters and planners. It's easy for you to plan ahead also and arrange for year-round organic vegetables for your family.

We've been thinking about winter shares for many months. Over the winter, when we make our crop plan and determine our field plan (which crops go where, which fields need cover crop), we look at the harvests of prior years and the results of the prior season's membership survey. We look at quantities of seeds planted, crop yield and quality, how we can improve our storage processes, staffing needs. It's a big picture to consider and knowing how many members we'll serve over the winter is another piece to the plan.  

We'll be opening the sign-up for our 2018-19 winter/spring shares very soon. Watch for an announcement in your email but also check our web page and Facebook. Generally we have about 1/3 of our membership sign up for winter shares, roughly 240 shares. Because of the limited number of  shares it's a good idea to sign up early and be assured of a spot. 

Picking up a winter share is a bit easier than a summer share because members come every other week and we don't weigh or count every item. We use a peck basket for roots and then just fresh greens are weighed. The time commitment is less and there are no pick-your-own crops to worry about.

Don't forget: if you are a member of the ICF Co-op you can elect to be signed up automatically for a summer and/or winter share. You won't have to bother with the online or paper form and you'll still receive an invoice. Not a member of the Co-op? You can become a member here.  

Watch for the announcement and join us for the winter/spring share season! We start the week immediately after summer shares conclude: November 1. Summer shares will conclude October 25.