Grafting Tomatoes

Our tomato rootstocks and scions were ready to graft right on schedule, so on a cloudy morning last week, we completed the grafting process, topping all the plants and mating the scion tops with the rootstock bases. We then moved them into the healing chamber where they will stay for the next 7-10 days.  For the first 48 hours they were in complete darkness and with high humidity.  After that crucial period, we slowly start to increase light and reduce the humidity to eventually acclimate the healed plants to normal greenhouse conditions.  This year, we built a shaded area over the healing chamber to help moderate the temperature spike that can result from direct sunlight.  In the beginning of May, we will transplant these grafted plants to our high tunnels where they will bear fruit until October!  

Grafting tomatoes

The grafting, humid, dark.