Holiday Market and Final Pick-up of 2018

Thursday, December 20, will be a good day to be at the farm!

We’ve been rearranging the winter bay make it easier to make selections and spread out all the crates of food. We’ve installed more of the fabulous art work created with the help of Bonnie Acker and her public art projects. We were able to make more room because the storage bins of sweet potatoes and squash have been moved to our new packshed across the driveway. So come on down and explore the space!

We’ll have our usual group pick-up from 3:00-6:00 pm, the last group for the year. It happens to be a Group 2 week, but if you’ve missed other weeks in your rotation please feel free to stop by.

Also we’re having another pop-up holiday market. We started these events last winter and they were well received. We had one on the day before Thanksgiving and had a lot of traffic. So we’re at it again!

You can purchase extra items for yourself, you can tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to come down and get a taste of the delicious bounty you’ve raved about. We expect to have kale, cabbage, butternut squash, and a wide variety of roots for your selection. In addition, we’ll have a few dozen eggs and a few portions of goat cheese for sale.

We’re excited to tell you that Singing Cedars Farmstead will be on site with a selection of frozen beef cuts and whole chickens. Please plan to pay them directly to make it easier for both ICF and Singing Cedars.

We hope to see you on Thursday!