Let Us Pick For You: Pre-Picked Pick-Your-Own (PPPYO) Share Option

list of veggies available for pickup.JPG

When we calculate our share value each season, we include an estimate of the value of "pick-your-own" crops...those crops we list each week on our chalk board and which members are free to gather from the fields. 

Typically these crops are either the items only a few members might desire: tomatillos, hot peppers, certain herbs. Or they are crops which require a higher degree of staff labor. But they are also the crops many members enjoy picking because childhood memories flood back or the crops small children can learn to pick and start their farming/food system education.

We do recognize that our membership is diverse and we serve members who might experience permanent or temporary physical impairments, suffer from a lack of time, have small kids to wrangle....all of which may prevent members from fully enjoying the PYO experience and share value.

In 2017 we offered a limited number of pre-picked pick-your-own (PPPYO) shares for a small upcharge and we are pleased to offer the program again for the 2018 summer season. For the additional charge, ICF Staff will harvest a selection of PYO items just prior to the start of pick-up. The items will be available to you at the desk when you sign in! We do need to know you'd like to take advantage of this program prior to the start of the season so we can schedule staff appropriately. 

To sign up for the PPPYO option, check the appropriate box on the electronic sign-up form. If you have already signed up but wish to add this option, contact Kathie