Meet the Summer Staff: Nieva Schemm

Nieva Schemm is beginning her first season at the Intervale Community Farm this 2018. She is currently enrolled at UVM as an English major and will graduate in 2020. She gained her first experience with farming in the summer of 2015 when she travelled to the California Bay Area to work with the nonprofit organization First Generation Farmers. Upon finishing her time there she went on to complete an internship with Sleeping Frog Farms in Cascabel, Arizona in the fall of 2015. After this she started working summers at Harlow Farm near her home in Southern Vermont. She has a deep love of farm work and is passionate about bringing people quality produce in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner. Nieva is thrilled to become a part of Burlington’s organic farming community and to see what the season at ICF has in store for her.

Nieva will begin work at the end of May.

Nieva Schemm