New Bread Maker in Town and At the Farm

We’re happy to let you know we’re going to have an additional bread option available on Mondays starting August 5. We will have a few loaves from O Bread bakery as usual.

We’re still working to find the best fit for the farm and for you. If you don’t know, not all artisan bread makers bake every day. So finding the right bread and the right baker for our schedule and volume is not an easy task.

Back Door Bread will be available on Monday, August 5. Some of you have sampled the bread offerings from Jim Williams at various pop-up events since he and his family moved to Charlotte a few months ago. You’ve told us you loved the taste and texture of the many loaves, all made from single varieties of locally sourced wheat (local and New England.)

We expect to have 4 varieties available for sale. Each loaf is approximately 1.5 lbs.

For more information, be sure to read the recent article in Seven Days as well as check out the web site and Instagram for Back Door Bread.

We hope you’ll let us know your thoughts after you’ve tried some of the loaves!