Sign Up Now for a 2019 Summer Share

It’s always a pleasure to open the sign-up for summer shares in the middle of a snow storm! Storm Harper can’t hold us down.

On Friday, Jill was counting seeds in anticipation of opening the greenhouse in a few weeks. Silas was helping me with some tech aspects of our web page. Aly was processing winter wholesale orders. Andy was preparing for conference presentations this coming week. We were all talking about a few logistics for summer.

There are a few things you should know about our summer shares. Returning members likely know the routine, but since we have about a 30% turnover in summer membership every year, it’s always a good thing to have reminders all in one place!

First, you can sign up online or download a paper form to mail in with payment. Paper forms will be available at winter pick-ups as well. While you can sign up online, we don’t offer online payments…the fees are just too much for us to consider with our volume. You can, however, add us as a Payee to your online checking account/Bill Pay system and we’ll get payment from your bank. And you’ll save a paper check and stamp.

Second, it’s best to sign up early. We usually have sold all shares a month before the first pick-up.

Third, if you pay in full before February 15 you can subtract the small discount indicated on the forms and web site. Your original invoice will show the full amount and the change to your account will be made when the full payment arrives. Why is the change made afterwards? Some members plan to pay in full and then just forget to finish the task or mail the check. The discount is applied to full payments postmarked by 2/15/19.

Finally, we are looking forward to you joining us for our 30th year of growing in the Intervale. We’ve come a long way in 30 years and we hope to be highlighting our progress as we celebrate all year.

Welcome to the farm…or Welcome back!