While Waiting for Summer Shares to Begin in Our 30th Year

2018 First Pick-up. We’ll have a blank slate for you to design soon!

May is always a transition month for the farm and by extension, for the members.

In May we finish up the winter shares (what I’ve now starting calling the winter/spring share), seasonal staff return or start new with us, fields are planted with the seedlings we’ve been growing since March, and we gear up in earnest for the start of our 21-week summer share.

How can you pass the month and control your excitement?

First, make sure you have signed up for your summer share! We still have room for you, but you shouldn’t wait too long. Normally by the start of June we are sold out! Sign up here and feel free to tell your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues.

Second, if you did participate in the winter/spring share, we’d love to have you complete the survey we do after each season. You can find the survey here.

Third, we are having a pop-up plant sale at the two final winter/spring pick-ups. Everyone is invited to stop by and purchase flower and herb pots for your home gardens. You’ll find the plant sale at the winter pick-up area from 3:00-6:00 on May 9 and May 16. We will not be having weekend plant sales this year!

Finally, watch your email, our web page, and our Facebook page for the announcement of the summer share start dates. We know when we’d like to begin, but Mother Nature gets a vote also.

We look forward to welcoming you, or welcoming you back, very soon!