Winter Onions

Have you ever wondered how we manage to have onions available all winter long and they are "just right" whether November or March?

We plant onion varieties meant for storage as opposed to onions meant to be eaten within a short period of time. Our sweet onions (mini or Walla-Walla) are not meant to be stored. Our yellow onion varieties are meant to be dried and stored for longer periods of time.

We grow two kinds of yellow storage onions: one variety is meant to be consumed in the early fall and the other is meant to last several months longer. Onions are being harvested now, stored in bulk bins for drying (sometimes with fans circulating the warm air around them), and then will be placed in our walk-in cooler at the proper temperature and humidity.

Having onions available all the time is very important to me as I use them nearly every day! We also grow red onions, perhaps my favorite ingredient in just about any dish.