Winter Share 2019-20 Sign-up is Open

The minute nighttime temperatures get into the 50’s I start thinking about flannel sheets, hot kettles of soup, long sleeves, and preparing for our winter share season. Fall is my favorite season with all the changes in light, temperatures, colors, and yes, anticipating cooking fall and winter foods such as stew and soup and roasted root vegetables.

If you share any of my glee about the fall, you’ve been waiting to sign-up for your ICF Winter Share. Today is the day! As always, the earlier you sign up, the better. We have many fewer shares to offer in the winter time so we always sell out.

Winter share pick-up area

As a reminder, winter shares are picked up every OTHER week, only on Thursdays, from 3:00-6:00 p.m. We don’t offer a bagged share option because there is no outside cooler available. It’s easy to come on an alternate week if you’ve missed your scheduled time. Shares are one size (you’ll get 10-12 lbs of mixed roots, your choice, and squash, cabbage, greens in addition.

We always have a good crowd at the winter pick-ups; some people ski in or bring skis and take a run before or after gathering their bounty. You’ll find the same good cheer and camaraderie as during the summer, and of course, the same delicious produce grown for your eating delight.

Sign up today!