Our Summer Crew

Each year the entire ICF staff gathers for a photo shoot so we have at least one photo with everyone in it each summer season. Unless it's the appointed time, teams are scattered about the farm irrigating, planting, weeding, plowing, repairing equipment,or plowing!

ICF Farm Team 2018

 Back Row (L to R):  Andy Jones, Brian Shevrin, Samantha DuPont, Maya Bower, Samuel Thomas, Nieva Schemm, Angela deBettencourt

 Front Row (L to R):  Kathie Sullivan, Jill Rotondo, Silas Branson, Fae Blackmer,  Aly Martelle, Dorothy Kinney-Landis, Sarah Howe, Erik Rehman


Yesterday we gathered at high noon so Abby Portman could work her magic. Abby works at the Intervale Center and has become our official portrait photographer.  There were many shots taken as we moved from sun to shade, from fence to barn, from apple tree to truck. Someone thinks we look like a soccer team when this photo is staged each year, but how else can we show our large crew in one place except by lining up?!  So it boils down to the backdrop...this year a truck.

We are pleased to add 3 new faces to our group this year: Nieva Schemm, Angela deBettencourt, and Dorothy Kinney-Landis. Everyone else is a returning member, from 2 years to over 20.  You can learn about Nieva here, and watch our blog for Angela's and Dorothy's introductions soon. 

You'll notice the smiles on all the faces. They are not staged smiles but rather a result of laughter. Our crew gets along well with each other, works well as a team, and truly enjoys being part of this hardworking team.

Be sure to say "hello" when you run into one of us at a pick-up!