Winter Shares Have Concluded

Oh, it sounds silly, doesn't it. Winter shares are over...after we had two days of 90 degree weather!

One of the most popular features of the ICF CSA is that we are a 12-month CSA...which means you can eat local vegetables through the deep, dark winter.  This winter our greens were a real bright spot, starting with baby bok choy and continuing with a steady supply of baby lettuce, arugula, spinach, and baby kale. What could be better?  Thank you for being such supportive winter members.

If you were a winter share member, please make sure to fill out the seasonal survey found here.  Your responses and comments help us to plan for future seasons.

Looking forward, we will be continuing to prepare for our very busy summer season (which extends into mid-fall) and welcoming over 630 families back to the farm. (While 630 is the number of shares for the summer, we know many families split we could have as many as 800 families participating this season.)

Watch this space, our Facebook page, and your email for announcements of the first pick-up days. And while you're waiting for June, why not order your bread, eggs, and cheese shares to accompany your luscious vegetables. The form is here.

We will see you all soon!